A Letter from the President


God said we are to love Him with all of our heart, all of our soul and all of our mind, and love our neighbor as ourselves.  We all have been tasked to be our brother’s keeper in whatever capacity we can be. Church Women United is such an organization that realizes this responsibility and takes it on with love and determination.  Our organization was founded because a group of women in the 1940’s was determined enough to insist that the United States takes a position to join other nations in invoking peaceable resolutions throughout the world.  Today, the spirit of those women lives on in the hearts of its current members.

“If you want to be great, be a servant.”  These words were spoken by a man who is greater than the universe.  However, He came to the earth not to be served, but to serve others.  There is power in serving your community. Our society is moving in a self-centered direction.  There is a lot of attention on how people can make their own lives better. Yet there are millions of people who are suffering in so many ways across the land.  We see the hurts of people as we watch the turmoil on the news. Whenever there is a mass shooting, we hear a person’s desperate depression evolve into an evil act.  Whenever there is a suicide, we hear the desperate cry of feelings of neglect. Whenever we see a politician’s blatant disregard for people’s best interest, we see the ugliness of greed.  These conditions, and many others, are indications that we have forgotten an important responsibility of life.

I urge everyone to employ whatever gifts, abilities, talents and interests that God blessed you with in making the community around you better.  Church Women United Montgomery is a place to start and a place to grow. We move as a force to be reckoned with in the spirit of the Lord. Join us in spreading the love of the Lord throughout our community.

With Much Love,

Joanne S. Compton

President Joanne Compton, 2019

President Joanne Compton, 2019